Today felt strangely unlike a Saturday, so much so that I didn’t realize it was, and I missed D&D at the library. I was SO bummed when I realized it. There were only two meetings left for the school year, and now I’ve missed one of them.

I was just thinking about the other day when I was standing near the APES doorway waiting for the bell to ring. This one guy, who blows gum bubbles throughout class every day, was standing in the doorway, also waiting for the ring of the bell. And, he had his foot in the door, in a way that he could use his foot to open the door, and if I hadn’t noticed that then I would have thought it was opening of its own accord. He opened the door with his foot about a dozen times, and then he opened it for real when the bell rang and left.

Today I went to the nearby thrift store and I had some remarkable finds. I found a pair of black jeans for one dollar, and an Everly Brothers cassette for one dollar, and also a great pair of sunglasses for one dollar! Butttt, the BEST finds were two pair of Keds, bright blue and pale aqua, for ONE DOLLAR EACH. I was shocked, and thrilled, and I still am. When I saw them there, I was sure they would both be too small. My feet are pretty big- size 10. And YET, I looked on the inside tongues, and they were both exactly my size! So, I bought them both, and it was horrible exciting.

The time I was there, though, there was this woman who kept following me around… the first time I noticed her was when I was looking at a pair of aqua shorts. “That’s an unusual color,” she said, which wasn’t really a strange thing to say or anything. “Yes, it is,” said I. But then later, she showed up right next to me again, when I was looking through the dresses, and she said, with this twisted sort of grin, “You like odd things, don’t you?” How is somebody supposed to respond to something like that? I mumbled, “Um, I don’t know…,” and walked away quickly. Luckily she didn’t show up again, but I kept thinking she would, and dreading it.

Also, I really want to get my hair cut short, chin length or a little longer. I’ve been looking at hairstyle pictures for ages, but haven’t found something exactly like what I want… whatever that is.


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