Today was slow and ridiculous and when I got home I finished reading Adrian Mole and then I watched Lydia play with sand. Then I slept on our new outside bench for thirty-two minutes, and it was great except every time I opened my eyes for a moment the sun shone into them.

Later, after dinner, the most dreadful thing happened- Zinnia got stuck in the bathroom. She’s one and a half years old. I thought she was with my dad, but apparently Abie was supposed to be watching her, except he didn’t, and she wandered off- into the bathroom. And, the drawer closest to the door was open all the way so that the door is not able to be opened. And, I was in my room and I heard my father yell, “Where’s Zinnia?” and Abie said he didn’t know, and then she started crying, and we found that she was stuck in the bathroom. And she was crying. It wasn’t the loud cry when she wants attention- it was the cry she does when she is genuinely scared. And, I felt like crying too. The sound broke my heart. My father ran and got his tools and unscrewed part of the doorknob, and then he ran off to get another tool for the rest of the doorknob, and I could see Zinnia through the hole of the absence of the doorknob. She was looking right at me, and crying softly, and I was trying to reassure her that everything was okay, but really I thought we would have to call the police. Then, my father got the door open and he picked her up and hugged her but she wanted me. So, I took her and I hugged her for the longest time. She lay her head on my shoulder, and held me tight, and I felt like really breaking down and crying then, because I was just SO THANKFUL that she was alright.

And, later we roasted bunny peeps outside at a campfire, but that doesn’t matter one bit so long as Zinnia is okay. I love her so much it hurts me sometimes. That’s one of the things I’m dreading most about going to college- I won’t get to see her grow up, at least not constantly, and I’m afraid that she won’t remember me when she’s older, that I’ll just be the much older sister who visits at holidays… but I won’t do that.

Here is a picture of Zinnia and me about a month ago, a little more, actually:


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