You said we’d make such a pretty pair…

…and that you would never leave.


()the drama picnic happened, and Jake had a Relay for Life meeting, so he couldn’t show us to the park! So, we got lost tremendously so, and then we got lost again, and we got tea from McDonald’s that almost made Rachel throw up, and then eventually we got lost once more and my dad picked us up from Waffle House and brought us there. And, we signed yearbooks and played mulch and swung on the swings, and we played a trivia game to ration the potato sticks, and it was very nice.

()in English, I tripped over my binder on the floor (it was balanced on my backpack and fell off) and when I got up I tripped over the recycling, and now both my knees are skinned. It was humiliatingggg! Not really, but it was kind of embarrassing, because Mr. Ward seems to think I’m very fragile or something, and speaks to me in a soft voice, and he asked if I was alright. Which I was. But my knees still hurt.

()my mother bought us more silly bandz! And, we have to take turns choosing them, but Abie and Benny are asleep so chose one each and have to wait until after school tomorrow! I am anxious… who knew shaped rubber bands could be so entertaining! And interesting! WHO KNEW?!?

()it was the seniors’ last day, though it didn’t feel like it, somehow. In German class we listened to Die Prinzen and ate cake and drank water fountain water to commemorate it.


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