Signed (aka wrote a short story in) Rachel’s yearbook today, and was reminded of a plethora of inside jokes that were left in the dust for awhile there. Now they’re backkkk!

Goodness, tomorrow is the seniors’ last day. And, I’m going to the Drama Picnic and I’m SO EXCITED FOR IT!

Wednesday Club today was splendid, though Wallie didn’t come because his cousins were over.

I used my credit card, for the first time in an actual store, and after many tries and asking the bagboy for help, I got it! It worked!

And, I don’t usually jump on the bandwagon like this, but OHMYGOD, Silly Bandz?!? They’re awesome! My mother bought two knockoff packs for my siblings and me to split amongst ourselves, plus Rachel gave me a blue castle today! From the packs (WESTERN themed and hmm I think car themed? maybe?), I now have a police car, a tank (think I’m gonna trade that one… I’m not really fond of tanks, to be honest), a cowboy boot(!!! [we were just talking about cowboy boots in German class today]), and the best, I think, a CACTUS! Cacti have always been wonderful, even though I can’t keep one alive… no, really. The one I bought a year and a half or so ago, you know? It died a few months ago. Ridiculous, eh? But, HEY the gourds I planted started growing today!

And, back to the silly bandz craze, I also… um… bought two packs on eBay. Because I HAD to have dinosaur ones. Dinosaurs are the best.


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