Oh, IIII see.

Remember this from Tarzan? I do.

Today was good, no, more than good. D&D was just… great. Even though Rachel wasn’t there. I think it was because it was the last day with the seniors there, and there was that feeling, so we did a whole lot more than usual. Paul’s mother brought everybody pizza and drinks (how nice!!!) and everybody signed my yearbook. And, I loved seeing what everybody wrote. I just LOVED it. And, we were nearly all disarmed by these humans that showed up, but I beat people up! And I built palaces and ditches and pits! And Chris wrote a message to deliver to the general whose orders we were under, and when Brian read it aloud it was HILARIOUS, because he wrote it as if it were a telegram, and kept saying STOP between sentences.

And, then somebody said something about Zack, and everybody looked at him, and then he said, “Wassup?” with a thumbs-up, and I laughed more.

And, there’s going to be D&D on Saturday, and I can’t wait.

ANDDDDD, I went to Safeway to see if anybody could cover my shift on Thursday, and the manager said it was fine, that I didn’t need to come! SOOOO that means I can go to the Drama Picnic!!!

A great day, all in all. I’m gonna miss D&D this year. I mean, there’s still next year, but stilll… I’m going to miss it…


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