What a wonderful world!

Prom was SPECTACULAR. Wallie, Rachel, and I ate at Chopstix beforehand. I got lemon chicken, Rachel got homestyle tofu, and Wallie got sesame chicken.

In the middle of dinner it started POURING outside, and we had a window seat so we saw the great brute of a storm moderately up close. And, then it began to HAILLLL! It was ridiculous!

It stopped by the time we were ready to go to Prom, thankfully… rain is nice and all but I’d rather not be soaking wet walking into Prom.

If I say everything that happened at Prom then it would take me ages, so I’ll list a few choice events.
*Rachel and I played a dare game than ended with hilarious antics. Once, she had to ask somebody what type of sandwich was their favorite, and they responded, “Sure!” HILARIOUS.
*There was this secretive hallway connecting the dance floor to the room with the food, and people walked through it loads of times. But then, when Rachel and I started to walk through it in the middle of “Just Dance” (so, naturally tons and tons of people were singing along and dancing), the DJ STOPPED THE MUSIC and said, “HEY, YOU CAN’T GO IN THERE!” It would have been humiliating if I hadn’t been laughing so hard.
*Rachel and I sang “God Bless the USA” verrrrry loud in the food room.
*There was a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN, and strawberries and pound cake to dip in it. We filled a cup up with chocolate, but no matter how much cake we dipped into it the chocolate NEVER ran out.
*We sat in front of the marvelous octopus balloon structure, near the beginning, and then either Rachel or I or both of us POPPED a balloon. We felt terrible, but after a minute or two nobody seemed to care.
*Rachel and I went to Lizzy’s house afterward and slept over. I couldn’t sleep until at least 1 am because I kept laughing about everything.

There’s tons more I can say, butttt I want to get my Lord of the Flies essay rough draft out of the way so I can do something else with my weekend.


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