Talk about overreacting!

Here I was, so unbelievably worried about the APES exam, and then it was really not that difficult. I’m more than 85% sure I passed.

After the exam Wallie and Rachel and I went to Giant, and then we ate lunch and it started to rain, and we talked and all for ages and ages. We saw Jake (the friend, not my brother) at the library, and then later Rachel and I went back to the school for Dungeons and Dragons. It was MEMORABLE, to say the least. We started a new campaign and thus made new characters. I’m an orc barbarian and Rachel’s a halfling wizard.

And, it ended too quickly and I came home and knit a little, and watched a little bit of Golden Girls, and now I’m trying to plan everything for prom because nobody else is being proactive about it. It’s mostly settled now, even though two of our group don’t really even know about the plans. I sent them messages, though, that I’m hoping they will respond to so I can stop stressing.


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