Alice’s Restaurant

Today was Mother’s Day. And I acted kind of ridiculous for a lot of it, because I’m stressed out about the APES exam and when I get stressed I subsequently become ridiculous. I become moody and I talk back and I can’t stop thinking about the source of my stress and then I freak myself out.

So, in the morning there was the whole breakfast in bed spiel, and later I planted yellow squash and sweet peas and gourds (and the rest of my family planted LOADS of other foodstuffs- cantaloupe, honeydew, tomatoes, watermelon, pumpkins, onions, and some other things I can not recall.), and then I went inside to do schoolwork. I finished reading Lord of the Flies and I wrote the outline for my Lord of the Flies paper. Then, I studied for about three hours for the exam. No joke. I’ve NEVER studied that long for anything, and that’s the sad but completely accurate truth. I didn’t even get through studying all the chapters, which is a problem since I’m working tomorrow… ugh, why didn’t I do the smart thing and say I couldn’t work tomorrow? But, then I would work Thursday, and I wouldn’t be able to go to the drama showcase. I guess sacrifices are sacrifices.

After studying, I did chores. Oh, and in the morning before everything I knit a small amount more of the shrug for prom. Not even close to being finished.


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