Not enough time!

So, I realized that I’m doing something every night this week. Not good. How will I relax? Though, most of the events will be fun and everything…

Anyway, here’s my schedule:
Monday: work 4-8 pm- once this is out of the way the week will be fun. Actually, after Tuesday at 11:05 am the week will be fun. That’s when the AP Environmental Science exam ends.
Tuesday: Dungeons and Dragons- new characters, and a new campaign to boot! I’m going to be an orc barbarian, and I’ll get a two-handed battle ax, whatever that is!
Wednesday: Wednesday Club! Hopefully later, but probably not, because my mother’s making the majority of my dress this day and I’ll need to be at home for it to be fitted.
Thursday: The Drama Showcase!

And, in the midst of all of this, I must somehow manage to knit a shrug to wear prom night, a grey one out of this crazy soft yarn I got today. Gosh, I haven’t even chosen a pattern for it.

Well, enough about the future. Todayyyy, I got my new glasses! They feel surprisingly clearer than my other glasses, even though there isn’t that much of a difference in the prescription.

Also, I got the yarn for the aforementioned shrug, and the lining and contrast color for my prom dress.


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