And we will allllll go downnnnn togetherrrrrr

Today was great, despite work.

Wallie gave me “Sister Act” for my birthday and I CANNOT wait to see it. That, and WHITTTTEEEEEE COMANCHEEEEEE, which came in the mail today from eBay!!!

I was just listening to my walkman and I was SOOOOO happy. Billy Joel is seriously my all-time favorite musician, now. I love every one of his songs. I have listened to the Best of Billy Joel cassette more times than I choose to count. I would honestly not be that upset if I were told that he is the only singer I can hear from now on, FOREVER.

Welllll, tomorrow Koogus Village will probably be pillaged. And conquered. And yet, I’m looking forward to D&D, a LOT. I want to see what ends up happening and how it all turns out. I will be very sad to say goodbye to Marta, though. We’re starting a new campaign, apparently, and that means we all need new characters. I want to be an orc.

Not really, but it’s not like I can be one anyway… or so WESLEY says.

Anyway, anyway, anyway, I helped a Ukrainian man get somebody to go to floral and blow up balloons for him at work today. That was pretttttty exciting, no joke.

And, Laura and I won the vocabulary sentences race again. MORE EXCITEMENT!


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