What’s the time, what’s the time, what’s the time?

Today went by soooooo slowly. It could have been really great, but in the end only the first part of the day was. Here’s how it went:

I woke up at seven something to go to Sheep and Wool. There, I spent more money than I’d planned, but on some pretty great stuff that were all great deals. Here are pictures I took of the yarn I bought:

And here’s a picture of my eye that I took the other day, simply because I like it a lot:

From Sheep and Wool, I also bought a Russian hat. The man I bought it from had handmade it, without using a pattern or anything, just cutting it out with a knife from a freehand outline, then stitching it together. It was amazing, and he was so happy when I bought it.

The last that I bought was eight ounces of Romney wool roving, that I am going to dye and then spin into lovely yarn. It was such a steal!

And then, in the afternoon I was supposed to go over to Kaitlyn’s house, along with Rachel. But after a misunderstanding on my part, and a failure to check my phone, I didn’t end up going, unfortunately. It sounds like it was a bunch of fun, though!

In the evening, anyhow, my mother cut out all the different parts for my prom dress. The fabric looked even more beautiful than I remembered!

Oh, and I did finish watching “Gigantic.” It was good. Not great, but I guess worth the time. The ending didn’t really tie up all the lose ends and sub-plots.


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