CAL Q-TEK 2000

I got the calculator watch I wanted for my birthday today. The “Cal Q-Tek 2000” is what it’s called. Rachel got me this AMAZING umbrella that’s black on the outside, but has a bright blue sky with clouds on it on the inside! It’s swell beyond belief! Both Rachel and Wallie made me super great cards too.

Also from my family I got a renewal of my subscription to Mental Floss (hurrah!) and loads of sweeties. Even lemon biscotti! I’ve never had biscotti before, to be honest, but I’ve always wanted to.

And everything came in this great floral patterned chest that I will keep yarn it. It’s really beautiful.

Dinner was greatttttt (pad thai and pineapple rings!) and my cake was shaped and decorated like a wagon wheel, just as requested! My mother kept trying to get me to divulge some secret about the shape of the cake, but there really was none- I just thought it would be funny.

Jake gave me a grey Littlefoot shirt (his band) like I’ve been wanting.

Andddd so my birthday was pretty great. I’m almost done with the sweater (FINALLY) and I just have to finish the neck so I must go.


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