So this is the pattern my prom dress will be made from:

My mother’s making it. Isn’t it just perfect? It’s not going to be black, though- it’s going to be made out of this shiny teal/turquoise fabric, and the thread that will be used is good, strong German thread. Gütermann, it’s called. And the zipper is great as well. Everybody loves a good zipper.

When we were having the fabric cut, the woman who was cutting it saw the dress pattern and said, “Retro!” It reminded me of the woman at Chic to Chic who said, “You girls are funky!” For some reason it annoys me when somebody say that they like retro clothing, or that clothing looks retro, and whatnot. I dunno, maybe it’s a stupid pet peeve, but still… although, I do like when somebody says that an object has been retrofitted. It sounds nice. Pleasant.

I’m starting to become more and more excited for my birthday tomorrow. I told my mother I wanted my cake to be shaped and decorated like a wagon wheel. I don’t know if she’ll take that seriously, but it would be pretty neat, wouldn’t you say?


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