Piles and piles of words

The day was going to be boring, and probably another uneventful day like yesterday, but then when I got up my father asked if I wanted to go to Wonder Book! Of course, I jumped at the offer, and going there really made my day. The only bad thing about it was that we spent only half an hour there- I could have spent the whole day there. My father says he’ll drop me and a friend off one day and we can stay there as long as we please, then get something to eat afterward. That would be a ball!

Ooh, it’s beginning to thunderstorm now! Lovely!

Anyway, I got a Life magazine about the moooooon from 1969, and four cassettes (three Billy Joel cassettes and one with hits from the 50’s), and a couple of records.

I put new batteries in my Walkman and I was SO afraid it wouldn’t work, but it does! As good as new!

Oh, my mum says she’ll make me my prom dress, but she didn’t realize prom was in less than a month. Soooo, we’re going to go and try and find a pattern maybe on Wednesday after Wednesday Club, though she’s saying I might have to skip Wednesday Club in order to do so. A bummer, but at least it will hopefully result in the most perfect prom dress ever!

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