Make like a banana and split. EDIT: BEDAAAAAAAA!

Today is Clara’s 15th birthday. Crazy, because it means I am seventeen in only eight days. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that the entire day.

Wednesday Club actually didn’t go by super quick like I thought it would, since we ended at five instead of 5:50 pm. It was wet and rainy so we sat under the edge of the roof at this one place behind the library, and it was nice although cold.

It was Club Day at school. In History Club we watched part of the first episode of “Band of Brothers” and it was PHENOMENAL. It really made you feel for all the characters, and hate the same people that the characters hated. I was bummed when that club ended because I really wanted to see the rest of the episode.

In German Club we had a party (don’t we always?) and everybody seemed to like the cookies I made. They were all gone by the end, at least. The wurst was SO GOOD! I forget every time how much I love wurst, and then we have it at German Club and I remember.

In MSA we played Taboo, and that was SUPER FUN too. I’ve only played that game once before, but now I feel like playing it loads more.

EDIT: Oh my goodness, it’s Blog Every Day April!!! I can’t believe I forgot! It seems like forever since last year’s… anyway, I’ve blogged every day so far in April so I’m definitely participating in it. A little late, but the right idea, eh?

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