I always forget how long it takes to make cookies.

One or two dozen cookies would be pretty quick- that would take less than an hour. But, four or more dozen- that takes a while! Now that I think about it, every evening that I’ve made cookies I’ve stayed up super late, or at least later than usual. Tonight I’m making cookies for the German Club party tomorrow. They’re really, really good, actually. I haven’t made cookies this good in a while. And, they’re almost halfway kind of mini. Precious, really.

Dungeons and Dragons was pretty nice too, though we didn’t get much of anything done. Although, Rachel and I DID make a map of all the provinces of Koogus Village. Each province (or district, rather, whatever…) is named after something really great, like Shatner Sector or Nimoy Nest or Gene Wilder Wilde West. Swell, eh? Also, Rachel and I stood up during D&D and tried to talk about the idea of a D&D field trip, and nobody listened to us. Then, at the end of it, the DM talked about the prospect of something just like a D&D field trip! It was crazy bananas.

Now, I’m trying to convince my mother to let me go to Wednesday Club tomorrow because she’s thinking I shouldn’t since it’s Clara’s birthday, even though I’d be back before dinner time (when all the celebrating is).


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