My eyes are surely twinkling.

Oh myyyyyy, today was really something great. It was the Day of Silence, and I was itching to talk all of school. We arrived to Breaking the Silence kinda late, and left before long because a storm was brewing, but the storm stopped pretty soon afterward.

It was held basically in a gazebo, and around that gazebo. We let balloons go and they were so beautiful floating away. During the brief freak-storm, cherry blossom petals blew all over like raindrops, and walking through them was a fantastic experience. That kind of thing sounds pretentious when you read it out loud, but I’m not going to change it.

Oh, and before the Breaking the Silence we went to Wallie’s house, and the same with after it. We took pictures and made a bunch of hilarious joke videos, which I just watched all in a row and laughed at for a long time.

And, we ate veggie straws and drank apple juice and I accidentally knocked over a flower pot (shhhh) but we fixed it all in the end, thankfully.

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