Fun-Filled Day

Todayyyyy we had a meeting in school, about being seniors next year, more or less. I got my transcript, or fake transcript anyway, and it was terribly interesting to look at. I’m kinda bummed, though, that my D in Pre-Calculus last year brought my GPA down a bunch.

After school we said hello to Mr. B, and had an interesting albeit awkward conversation, and then Wallie and Rachel and I went to Wednesday Club. The time went by slowly yet quickly, and after many laughs and reminding each other of the funniest things ever throughout our “high school careers,” it was 5:50 pm and time to leave.

Rachel came over to my house and we stayed outside nearly the whole time. Benny and Lydia and Zinnia absolutely love her, and were going crazy. After she left, Lydia burst into tears. “I didn’t get to say goodbye,” she said through the crying. PRECIOUS.


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