Old and new

I wanted to bake some bread today, but I realized I wouldn’t have time, what with the rising of it and all. Instead, I cut up some sugar cookie dough from the fridge. The cookies turned out awful. When I make things from mixes and boxes and such, they hardly ever turn out right… I have to make things from scratch for them to be good. Kinda ironic, eh?

Well, I picked up my sixty-four pack of crayons about a zillion times today, because Zinnia kept coming in and knocking them all out of the box just as soon as I’d pick them up. Maybe I should have learned from that?

The prospect of D&D tomorrow is just as thrilling as last week.

Today, for the first time, I actually began to sort of want my license. I haven’t had any sort of desire for it before, but the idea of having a car, and being able to go anywhere (within limits, of course) at anytime (not really, but it would feel like that) began to make me anxious for one. So, who knows, maybe soon I’ll get around to getting my learner’s permit? Goodness knows it would be helpful to have a license before I turn eighteen, and with seventeen right around the corner… ugh, never mind. We’ll get to that when it comes.

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