I spent my time watching 80’s movies

I tried to watch “Veer-Zaara” on my computer, but it said the format had been changed or something. So, I figured it was just that particular movie, since it’s a foreign movie and all, but I then tried playing “The Box” and that didn’t work either… so, instead I watched “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Better off Dead.” Both were pretty darn good, but the first was just… perfect. Now I see why everybody loves it so much!

I bought both of them from the book sale at the library yesterday, except as it turns out I already have “Better off Dead,” I just never watched it before, and forgot about it! So, I’m giving one of them to Rachel.

I watched those movies, and I knitted, and I did the extra credit assignments for AP Environmental Science. In the evening, I went to Target with my papa and Clara and Emma (just got back, actually), but I willed myself away from buying yet another thing that I really don’t need.  I’m going to try to do that more and more for now, until I sort through my possessions and take a bunch out that I can part with.  I have too much stuff, and I feel like it’s weighing me down, however ridiculous that may sound.


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