What a coincidence!

Yesterday I wrote a haiku about rain coming, for English, and now it’s raining!

Work went by quickly, as I had hoped. I had an orthodontist appointment today, and I was wearing my Bye Bye Birdie t-shirt. The orthodontist guy, who seems like a real jerk, told me that he had a part in Bye Bye Birdie in high school, but then he broke his leg so he just got to pull the curtains back and forth. I laughed, in a mean-spirited way. He’s a doofus.

I finished my favorite movie poster for German class, and it is lovely enough that I want to hang it on my wall.

OH, in English today we made comic strips as part of somebody’s Japanese entertainment presentation, and it was a contest. Laura and I won! Our comic was pretty excellent, and Laura’s angry floating head looked so infuriating that there was no way we could not have won.

Now, my allergies are acting up, what with the warm weather, but… they usually don’t bother me at all. BLAME IT ON GLOBAL WARMING. Not really… but, I think I’ll blame everything on global warming these days. That should be hilarious.


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