Mostly terrible

Today was not my day. It was pretty hot outside today, and I really didn’t feel like being outside. But, my parents forced me to come along on an “adventure,” and it was hiking somewhere or other up to these waterfalls, and then going to this pseudo beach where this man was sunbathing in a speedo. Luckily, we ate after that, which was after three or four hours, and I was ridiculously hungry.

The worst part of the day, though, was when we drove to Wonder Book after this, to look for a specific book Emma wanted to read, and my parents made me WAIT IN THE CAR because I had been sulking all day. I love Wonder Book beyond belief and have been waiting for months to go there. I was so upset that they did this to me that I cried myself to sleep in the car, and then I stumbled into the house and took a nap when we got home.

I woke up an hour or so later, feeling like I was on fire. It’s so hot in my room right now.

Now, I’m watching “Stand by Me” and finally finally finally knitting more of the sleeve of my sweater, which I haven’t knit even a stitch on in over a week. I got the “Stand by Me” soundtrack record a few days ago because it has a plethora of AMAZING songs.

Another terrible thing is that I have to miss most of D&D tomorrow for a dentist appointment.

It’s crazy how soon great moods can wither away.

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