Easter, mah darling

I went to bed before 10 last night (I know, crazy, right?), so I woke up before EIGHT this morning and was not tired. Still, I forced myself to go back to sleep, as nobody else was up, and then was woken up later, at nine something, for EASTER BASKET TIME. I was excited to get a German chocolate bunny this year, as German chocolate is infinitely better than all others. Well, the chocolate was made in Germany, but it says it’s Swiss chocolate. So, I said to my parents, “this chocolate is Swiss!” and they thought ‘Swiss’ was some kind of new slang, like ‘cool!’ I’ve started using it as an actual slang word to mean just that, now.

We didn’t get any grosshead whoppers this year, which was graaaaand.

Clara and Emma and I hid 110 eggs for the Easter egg hunt, and that was a BLAST. I traded most of my candy for the elusive plastic bugs. I now have nine of them. I think I’ll make them into hair clips or something else I can wear. That would be HILARIOUS if somebody said something like, “Hey, there are bugs in your hair,” or if somebody screamed, and then I could just be like, “Thank you, Captain Obvious.” Rachel’s gotten me to adore saying that, and I try to any chance I can now.

My grandparents from down yonder came over at three-ish, and we ate brunch (actually, linner) at 4 thirty-ish once Jake got home from work. I was feeling kinda sick before dinner, but after a bit I felt fine, luckily. I think it was from eating so much chocolate.

Later, Abie pulled me around on a wagon that was tied to his bicycle, and then Abie and Benny and Lydia and I sat down in our driveway and waved to people passing by. Out of the dozens of cars, only two people waved!

Later and later and later, I knit a preemie hat for John Hopkins hospital such and such, using my mother’s hat pattern, whilst listening to some mauvelous records. And, and, AND right this instant I am helping her to get it ready for publishing on Ravelry. Fun, eh?


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