You know, today actually ended up

being a really nice day. Until about 5 pm, I just lay in bed, on and off the computer. I was feeling so horribly TIRED, and I don’t know why I didn’t sleep in more or take a nap. But then, my parents went out to dinner, leaving me to babysit Zinnia and Lydia, as well as Abie and Benny. Actually, Clara was supposed to watch Lydia and Emma and I were supposed to switch off watching Zinnia, but they were just putting on movies and such, and it was freaking me out a little, so I took both Lydia and Zinnia. After dinner and all, Lydia, Zinnia, Abie, Benny, and I went outside and ran around the front yard. It was less than an hour, but it was lovely, pure bliss. I wanted to take pictures with by digital camera but it ran out of batteries not long after going outside, of course.

Tomorrow Rachel and I are going downtown and looking around at thrift shops. I’m going to try to find a prom dress. I’m horribly picky, so we might not end up finding anything, but it’s worth a shot, and it will be fun, anyhow. Rachel got her prom dress either today or yesterday, a black one. It sounds lovely and I cannot wait to see it, that and her new haircut.

And now, my parents still aren’t home but I’m feeling dreadfully tired again so I asked Clara and Emma to watch the littles so I can get to sleep. I had to write this real quick, though.


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