Not so as it seems

Work wasn’t all that bad, not in the least. I guess I have a tendency to think things are a lot worse than they actually are. I remember now, that I always dread going to work but once I get there it isn’t horrible very much at all. Somebody tried to get me to cover their 8.5 hour shift tomorrow, and I said nosiree, bucko. That would ruin tomorrow completely. It would be from 12-8:30 pm. NO THANKS.

In English today we did a meditation writing, where we lie on the ground for ten minutes or so and close our eyes while Mr. Ward tells a story, where we go on some sort of journey, to our favorite place and whatnot. Then, after we have gradually come back to the room, we go back to our seats and quickly write about our adventure, a stream-of-consciousness sort of thing. I LOVED it. My handwriting, when I wasn’t thinking about writing but just letting the words flow, was lovely and tiny. I filled up the front of a piece of notebook paper in what felt like less than a minute.

Easter is so soon, Spring Break has started. I don’t know what I will do over Spring Break. It’s not even that long but, still, I’m not looking forward to it all that much. The third term just ended. Time is going by bizarrely fast. In less than a month I will be seventeen. I don’t even want to talk about it.

The prank Wallie and Rachel and I played on the school was taping up pictures of Sauron from Lord of the Rings all over the school. I think it’s pretty hilarious, but it’s not really a trick, I guess. I don’t think anybody even noticed it.

April Fool’s Day today reminded me of how, last year, I would make up all of these ridiculous things to say, and right after I said them I would say “April Fool’s!” or “May Fool’s,” all the way up to half past June. Or, was that the year before? I don’t remember, but either way, I think that was kind of obnoxious of me. And yet, I don’t recall anybody complaining. I wonder why?



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