Every single day

I mean to go to sleep early. Today I was aiming for 830 pm. But then, then, I babysat Zinnia while my mother went out to get dividers, and when she came home with them around 845 pm I organized my AP Environmental Science binder. An immaculate notebook is worth 2 percent more to my overall grade! It took me so long to organize, though, and it’s now almost 1000 and I just finished. I put some glittery fish stickers on the front for added affect.

Today after school Rachel and Wallie and got our April Fool’s Day prank ready. I guess it’s not really a prank, but more of a joke, something that I am hoping to hear everybody talking about at school tomorrow. I will divulge its meaning tomorrow. Ugh, and I’m working tomorrow… only 4-8 pm, but it is bound to feel like forever since I haven’t gone to work in so long.

After the prank readying, we went to the library for Wednesday Club, the first in so long! Surprisingly, we stayed outside the entire time, outside the library, I mean. We left at 550 pm and ate dinner there. Wallie had a banana and a chicken sandwich, Rachel had rolls with cream cheese and a chicken sandwich, I had popcorn chicken and a luna bar (though I didn’t eat it then and I still have yet to eat it).

Well, I’m going to go put a few more tropical fish stickers on my binder, then go to sleep STRAIGHTAWAY.


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