Es ist sehr windig!

That’s okay, though, because I like the wind.

I knit not a stitch today. I was busy in class with my free time. I was reading the newspaper! The Washington Post started coming today, thrillingly enough. I feel so up-to-date on the news! Plus, I am going to make a chair with all of the papers I amass!

In Dungeons and Dragons, we finally finally finally killed a dire boar. It took AGES. Then, we came across a cave. In the cave were five now orphaned boar piglets! Naturally, there being five of us, we each chose our own and and began taming them… then, lo and behold, Wesley arrived! And he nearly killed us all! I was unconscious very soon, as I am only on level two and Wesley is at least level four, possibly more. He said he wanted us all to become his slaves. In the end, all but two of us escaped (one’s corpse ended up being dragged away, and the other chose to join Wesley’s evil side), and the remaining three of us are luckily still in tact.

It’s windy outside right now, and the power blinked once. It would be positively lovely if the power went out right now!

Ooh, tomorrow’s Wednesday Club, the first in FOREVER, it seems. After school, Rachel, Wallie, and I will be preparing our masterful April Fool’s Day prank, though Wallie doesn’t know what it is yet.

Happy Anniversary to my parentals and happy birthday to Jake!

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