I was overflowing with joy.

Yesterday was so wonderful it’s just… indescribable. I made so many new friends during the course of the musical, and I think I actually became a lot less shy because of it. After the final show, everybody was so enthusiastic but there was the overwhelming feeling of dread in the air, because the last show is not only the last show for Bye Bye Birdie, but also the last high school show EVER for the many, many downright amazing seniors. After the show, Ms. Lennon gave a little speech for each senior, starting with the ones who have been in one show and ending with the few that have been in seven shows. I felt like I was crying, the whole time, but when I felt my eyes there were no tears. Each speech was so touching, and memorable, and it made me wish I had known each senior myself that way. I hate knowing that I probably won’t see that many people from the musical much at all from now on, and it will be so strange having so much extra time. I wish we had a show every night, from now on to forever. It would be pure bliss.

I took picture yesterday, using a disposable camera. I’m nervous to get them developed because, once I do, I know I’ll cry, and I know I’ll be reminded of the many perfect times had during the rehearsals and shows. It will be interesting to see them, though, because they are mostly candid photos, and… ugh, I feel like crying right now.

On the bright side, I finished seaming the sweater and now only the sleeves are left. This sweater now holds so many memories of the musical. I knit it almost exclusively at school and during rehearsals and shows.


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