Mrs. Brown, you have a lovely daughter

I have listened to that song so many times now. I love it.

Today was the matinee, and it went well other than that a kid threw up in the audience! The auditorium smelled wretched.

After school was Dungeons and Dragons (I can’t believe I haven’t been in so long!), and then I came home and started working on my essay for Things Fall Apart for English.  I’ve been working on it since I got home, but I keep getting distracted as always…
I almost quit my job, but I decided not to because I am a scoundrel and also because my parents would never let me hear the end of it if I did.  I put very specific instructions on what days and times I can work from now on, though, so maybe they’ll fire me?  Hopefully?  I got my old paycheck today too.  Twenty-eight dollars.  It was only from one day of work.
Rehearsal tomorrow, hurrah, hurrah.  Maybe I’ll bring my laptop to school so I can work on the essay during breaks at rehearsal.  Though, probably I won’t even do so.


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