Deja vu. Deja vu. You can say that again!

Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. I made up the AP Environmental Science test after school and it was kind of simple because (a)most questions were from past quizzes and (b)we went over the essay on it in class today… Mrs. McCook called it a freebie for those making it up.

In English we went outside (it was SO beautiful today!) and stood in a circle and took turns standing in the middle and reciting our Anglo-Saxon-style boasts about ourselves. My favorite part was when somebody said, “I am the son of a redneck dentist.” I laughed.

HEY NOW, I just typed in ‘demon monkey’ on google because, of course, I was looking for a picture of a demon monkey, and the demon monkey pictures I put up here a long time ago was the fourth result! Coolio!

The Conrad Birdie of the musical got suspended! This is ridiculous!

Hmm, what else… there’s rehearsal tomorrow, starting at 10 am. I can’t wait for it!

One of the stripes I’m knitting on the sweater is made of angora and it’ssosofticouldcry. I want a whole sweater made of this stuff. Scratch that, I want a SUIT made of angora. And a blanket. And leg warmers. Probably the most I’ll ever get is the latter.

At rehearsal, Rachel and Jake and I did a tribal dance involving wooden boards that were outside and the Ugga Bugga Boo chant, which goes like this: “Ugga Bugga Ugga Bugga Ugga Bugga Ugga Bugga… BOOOOOO!” It was great, and well worth the half hour we spent looking for Jake. It was like he temporarily became invisible!

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