My run run run run runaway

The day was fast, the week’s been fast. I’ll mention the feeling of the speed of each day to come forever, most likely.

Today was the Medieval Times field trip. It was pretty fun. Luckily they didn’t serve a disgusting vegetable soup like some people said they would. There was chicken, potato, corn, garlic bread, and a cookie. Nothing weird.

Rehearsal was until 7 pm tonight, but actually even that went by quickly. I wasn’t able to make up the APES test because Mrs. McCook left early, so I went straight to stage crew after school. I’m getting pretty far with the front of my striped sweater and I can not WAIT to be done with the thing, not only because I can then wear it but also because I feel like an instant gratification project and this is not cutting it.

A college sent me a letter today, just as every day, but this one was different. They sent me 3D GLASSES because the pictures in the advertisement are in 3D!!! I was so completely thrilled.


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