I can go the distance.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (before I forget)

I almost did forget this morning, but luckily Clara reminded me before I left for school. She remembered after seeing out shoes by the front door, because the “leprechauns” always leave us little treats in our shoes. And green milk. You know, because you totally can’t buy green milk in stores.

School went by terrifically fast because it was Club Day. I signed up for Scrabble Club, which then ended up being the same block as German Club (which was apparently changed to third block), so I went to Scrabble Club for today. I was really in the mood to play scrabble. I ended up losing by one point to Rachel. It was us and this guy called Ian who were playing.

First block was History Club, and we watched some movie or other related to history, from the 1940’s, and it was a propaganda sort of movie that the U.S. played to get people back home into the war. The best parts were (1)when the narrator said, “Yes, this all really happened,” and (2)when a mother said, “and here’s our daughter, the prettiest there is to be seen,” and the narrator guy said, “I’ll say!” I knitted during all of my clubs, which were Scrabble and History and MSA. It was a relaxing day, and then it was rehearsal.

Everybody in stage crew is so stressed out these days! I wanted to tell everyone to just sit down for a minute and take a deep breath. It’s not the end of the world if you miss a cue! I left about a half hour early from rehearsal because my mother was in the area and didn’t wish to make another trip to come get me, and then I came home. I started homework (an Anglo-Saxon boast for English class) and then I ate dinner, and then I finished homework. Tomorrow I will be at Medieval Times for pretty much the whole school day. That’s exciting!

Oh, also, in rehearsal Rachel and I attempted to play pranks on people involving this one room. The room is dreadfully boring, and so we thought, hey, why not liven things up? The prank entailed getting me getting somebody to go into the room. Rachel hid behind the door, where the light switch is, and then as soon as anybody went too close to the door and light switch she would turn the lights off. We got this one guy really good. It was pretty hilarious, but I’m generally awful at playing pranks because I can’t keep a straight face for the life of me. That’s been a long-going project that I haven’t completed yet, unfortunately.


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