The day has been positively thrilling.

Last night I couldn’t get to sleep for ages because I kept worrying about something stupid that didn’t even end up needing to be worried about. All in all, I lay in bed for over an hour and didn’t end up asleep until almost midnight. Usually, I can get to sleep in seven minutes or less, and seven minutes is the average time it takes somebody to get to sleep. I was so tired… I don’t know why I felt the need to worry so much.

Anyway, rehearsal was until 6:30, and afterward I went to Walmart with my pops to get a black t-shirt to decorate at stage crew tomorrow. The girl’s t-shirts were so horrible and thin, and then I happened into the men’s section, where there were genu-ine Fruit of the Loom shirts! Much sturdier and nicer than the cheapskate girl’s shirts! I bought a small etch-a-sketch at Walmart, because I’ve been wanting one for a long time.

And THEN, THEN THEN THEN THEN THEN, I got home and found that my package had arrived! AND, within the package was the Bye Bye Birdie record I have been so yearning for! It was a dream, it was. It also included three other mostly boring records, but it was cheaper to buy the Bye Bye Birdie record in this random set than it was to buy it separate, on Ebay, that is, for some reason. The shipping sticker on the box the records were in showed that it cost the seller more money to ship the records than I paid for them! Maybe she was just trying to get rid of them? Anyway, I listened to the marvelous melodious tunes of Bye Bye Birdie for about half an hour, which was when my father said I was being too loud and had to turn it off because Abie and Benny are going to sleep. Pretty much my entire family is sick right now, everyone except Abie and me. I hardly ever get sick and have not gotten sick the past three times (maybe more, but I don’t remember) that my entire family has. Maybe I’m a carrier, or whatever?


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