Happy 90th birthday!

Today is my great-grandfather’s 90th birthday. Party, that is. His actual birthday is a couple days from now… anyway.

I woke up at 11 am and didn’t do much else other than get ready for the party before actually leaving for it. Emma tried to curl my hair using this gel/scrunching technique, but of course it didn’t work. My hair is pin straight and it intends for itself to stay that way.

The party was a ball. Gram, Poppa Barry, Chuck, Megan, Vita, Luca, Uncle Ernie, Poppop, Grandee, Granddaddy, Samsy, my entire immediate family (other than Jake), Hollie, Sean, and Uncle Donny were all there, making it quite the full house. Granddaddy (what we call our great-grandfather) seems so old! I feel so sad for him because he can’t remember much of anything, and he’s just so precious. He’s a very thin old man and he always wears suits, but he sure does love his sweets! He was eating cheese balls like there was no tomorrow. He’s been married five times, which I just found out today! I can never remember his actual first name, but everybody has always called him Spike. Isn’t that funny?

I found out today why my tape recorder wasn’t working yesterday- the tape has snapped! I have no idea how it happened- I didn’t know it could happen, for that matter. But, my father has pried the tape open and he says he knows how to fix it. I hope it works, because I’ve been on and off again recording things for almost a year! I would hate for those memories to be lost!

Also, the lens cap of my mini Diana went missing today, I thought at my grandma’s house.  BUT, after searching for it for so long, it ended up that it was right on the floor of the car the whole time!  So, problem averted.

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