I laughed, I cried, stuck a needle in my eye.

I’ve debated over putting this as a title for quite some time. That little rhyme has been stuck in my head for over a year, but every time I write it down I get the chills and must erase it. The idea of a needle being stuck into one’s eye is so terrifying! I imagine it being stuck directly into the center of the pupil, the thin needle sliding right in, and… ugh, I’m going to stop. I can’t bear to write these words.

Today I took a vocabulary quiz and a Latin test. Some days I am just not that good at taking tests or quizzes, and today felt like one of those days. Other days, I get horrifically good grades on tests and quizzes taken in a single day. I’m hoping I still did decently today, though. My grades are surprisingly good right now, and I’d hate for them to get worse (100, 97, 94, and 93).

Rehearsal was after school of course, and Michael and Rachel and I rolled on rolling chairs down the hall. It was fantastically fun, even though people kept telling us to be quieter. Also, Rachel and I painted more diagonal lines on the set- it’s overall looking so absolutely grand!

Michael gave Rachel and I dinosaurs that grow when put in water. We had them in water all through rehearsal, but they really didn’t grow at all! Maybe they are defective… anyway, I thought we forgot them, but thankfully Rachel remembered to get them out of the auditorium!

After rehearsal (the funniest part was when the guys sang and danced during Telephone Hour- it’s HILARIOUS), I went with my parents and Zinnia to Costco. It turns out they have one hour photo developing there, for actual factual film and not just digital! This was a great surprise to me, since Walmart took more than a week because they have to send the pictures to some other place to be developed. Also, it’s cheaper at Costco! I got my roll of film developed and not that many came out, but those that did are MARVELOUS (even if I do say so myself). The best ones were of Rachel in the snow near her house, and the half frames look GREAT. I especially love the one with Rachel on the merry-go-round from the playground. It’s kinda eerie, though. The pictures took less than an hour to develop, too! More like 45 minutes!

We then hurried to Michael’s, because my mother had to get yarn for a shrug for Lydia to wear in my uncle’s wedding. Of course, I can never resist yarn, even though I have to much already. I bought three skeins of Impeccable in mulberry, bright blue, and light lime greenish. I also bought a watermelon smencil on the way out, because those are just great and my cherry one is long lost. Smencils are pencils which smell of assorted delicious fruits and are made from recycled newspapers, if you aren’t in the know.

Oh, and this girl came up to our lunch table a few days ago to get people to sign up for March Christmas today, where you wear Christmas clothes. Rachel and I wore our Christmas sweaters, and Michael participated with his Charlie Brown Christmas shirt, and we all got cookies shaped like Christmas trees!


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