Everything is Rosie

School has been going by so quickly lately! Tomorrow’s Thursday already! Rehearsal was fun today, and I painted and taped for marking the places to be painted. Afterward, I went to Giant with my pops and Lydia, and Rachel was there getting stuff to make a funfetti cake! Pret-ty funny!

Then I got home, and found that my VHS had come in the mail. It’s called “Baby Songs.” I used to watch this video ALL THE TIME when I was younger, that and the second one, “More Baby Songs.” When we had a yard sale a few years ago, my father decided that we wouldn’t use VCRs anymore, only DVD players, so we sold all our videos. That included the above. Here’s a video that I want to put here so you can here the beginning song:

I LOVE these videos. I love the songs, I love the clothes, I love the memories. I was always so jealous of all the kid’s awesome 80’s clothes, and I still am…

Oh! Yesterday I bought a set of four records on Ebay. It includes three I don’t really know about, and the Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack!!! And I just finished watching the movie, by the way. I LOVED it.

EDIT: So the video isn’t working on here- watch it on YouTube though- it’s worth it!


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