There’s a word for it- and words don’t mean a thing. There’s a name for it- and names make all the difference in the world.”

“Give Me Back My Name” by Talking Heads. I looked through all of my parents hundreds of records today to search for a “Bye, Bye Birdie” album my mother said she had… it wasn’t there. I found some gems, though, and I’ve been listening to records for an hour or so now.

I’m aiming to go to sleep before 9 pm tonight. We’ll see if I succeed… I’ve finished all my homework that I have until Wednesday, other than one or two more chapters of Things Fall Apart, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself but am also very tired.

After school today I went to Stage Crew, where I painted more of the set black and helped lay out duct tape to map out where a checkerboard will be painted on the set. This is more or less what the set is being modeled after, though I don’t think the humongo “At Last” poster will be there:

Well, I’m already feeling kind of in sleep mode… maybe I’ll go to sleep even earlier than I thought?  Fat chance.

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