Stranger Danger

I finished Wallie’s present today!

Whoa, there, I was just about to say, ‘here’s a picture of it!’ Good thing I stopped myself! Wallie reads this occasionally- that would have been tragic!

I also watched “Kindergarten Cop,” which Rachel lent me time and time ago. It was a swell piece of cinema!

Emma’s making Russian Tea Cakes for her Creative Arts class at school, and I ate one and MMM I WANT MORE. But, the rest are for her class. Bummer.

Tomorrow will be a Wednesday Club on Friday. The Saturday one isn’t going to work because Wallie’s having a family birthday party then.

SO, I knit and I watched Kindergarten Cop and then I changed the sheets on my bed, because I came across my Lion King sheets from elementary school. I LOVE THEM. I also have Lion King hair clips, and I wore one the other day and Mr. Ward noticed. He loves Disney beyond measure, in case you didn’t know that, which, if you know me and thus go to my school, you probably did.

We learned how to speak in past tense in German class today! Now we don’t sound like cavemen!

I’m terribly excited for the Halpert baby to be born on The Office in less than half an hour, by the way.

And I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday!

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