Why, I oughta…

So, it’s Wallie’s birthday… I totally didn’t finish his present in time, but I got most of it done… I probably would have finished it tonight if it hadn’t been for the house-wide search for the diamond from my mother’s wedding ring, which is still LOST. I definitely would have finished it if it hadn’t been for stage crew. Stage Crew was super fun. I spoke to Rachel for a long time, Brandon for a while, and Manny for a very little bit of time. There wasn’t much to do in regards to stage crew stuff, so mostly I just watched the rehearsal. OH OH OH, but in Stage Crew I guess every year they assign nicknames for each member based on a certain movie. This year’s movie is “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” and the managers (Sara and Brittany) assigned me as Sir Robin! That’s horribly exciting, as “Brave Sir Robin” is probably my favorite song in the whole movie. Also, Ms. Lennon gave the stage crew doughnuts, and they were great. I don’t really like average kinds of doughnuts, but any sort of doughnut with filling tends to be delicious.

After Stage Crew, I came home, and I began my homework and then ate dinner. Then I finished my homework. I actually had a ton of homework today, but luckily had extra time in my classes and was able to get most of it done at school, other than AP ES homework, which is always abundant and takes a long, long time. Today it didn’t take me as long as usual, though. Very good.

Instead of Thursday Club tomorrow, there is going to be a Saturday Club. Wallie will come to set build with Rachel and I and then (the plan is) we will get dinner from Giant afterwards. Fun, fun, fun! I’m not working until Monday at the very earliest, and so I feel a lot more relaxed than usual right now. ‘Tis a good feeling.


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