My afternoon was occupied with work

…which means I wasn’t able to finish Wallie’s present. I hope he’ll understand if I give it to him Thursday, perhaps, or maybe Friday. When I started it on Sunday, I didn’t realize that I would be working both today and yesterday… I got a good chunk of it done, but it’s not complete as of yet.

Work was long, and mostly boring. It was snowing basically the whole time, so Safeway was very busy, with everybody in the “we could be snowed in for weeks!!!” mentality. My teeth, due to the braces, are still killing me.

It felt so weird having a regular backpack kind of thing rather than a messenger bag. I haven’t had a backpack sort since seventh grade, or maybe even sixth!

I was about to say once again that my teeth are killing me… one track mind, let me tell you. I do not have a high threshold for pain.

Tomorrow’s Wallie’s birthday! And the stage crew meeting! It’s dreadful that it falls on Wednesday Club, but we’re having Thursday Club this week instead, so it’s all good in the neighborhood.

I’m not working at all this entire weekend! I can’t wait!

Here are old-fashioned braces to make me feel better about myself. I would NOT like to have headgear, that’s for sure! Consider myself lucky.


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