You’ll knock the stuffing out of me!

I nearly forgot to post this!

I got loads more college mail today. I didn’t really even look at it. Maybe another day.

I went to the orthodontist and got new brackets, and now my teeth hurt like a monkey’s uncle. I also got new colors (silver. pure silver.). My parents got me a backpack at this supply store! It’s huge and sturdy and olive green. AND, it actually has room for all my books and things, with room to spare! It’s kind of ridiculously big, so I feel like I’m going camping or something while wearing it, but it’s so roomy! I’m so pleased.

I’ve started on Wallie’s birthday present (last night, actually). I hope I finish it before his birthday! (it’s on Wednesday)

Work was average today. There’s a new courtesy clerk, and his name is Travis. He’s saving up for a truck. A 1999 Chevy, he says.


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