And Checkmate!

I tried to sleep in today, as late as I possible could. That ended up being not even noon. What kind of teenager am I?!? I had nearly twelve hours of sleep, anyway, and I don’t think I yawned even once today.

My parents went to a funeral, so Emma, Clara, and I switched off every half hour babysitting Lydia. Lydia, Benny, and I baked funfetti cupcakes.

I knit more of the sweater, and I’m about halfway done with one side of it. It’s coming along swimmingly.

While knitting, I watched more Torchwood, and I also watched a movie called “Surrogates.” It was terrifying. It’s about the future, where instead of living like regular humans, everybody has a robot version of themselves, a perfectly beautiful robot, and they live out their life for them. The actual person controls everything their robot does by thinking, and those brainwaves are transferred into actions. The movie was terrifying, it was. I must repeat that. By the end of it, I was immensely glad just to be human.

I also wrote the outline for my Oedipus Rex essay. I had an initial outline, but I changed it a lot for my actual essay, so I needed an updated one.

As part of dinner, my mother cooked fingerling potatoes with Parmesan cheese and flour and they were SO GOOD! Miniature versions of things are always better.

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