Rock and roller cola wars, I can’t take it anymore!

I thought today’s school day would seem to last forever because of the recent two hour delays we’ve been having, but it actually wasn’t that bad. I had to go to the dentist almost right after school, and it was kind of horrid, but it could have been worse, I suppose. I got a pretty cool toothbrush that I’ve been wanting for awhile. The Colgate 360 is what it’s called.

Also, my watch came in the mail today, all the way from Hong Kong. It looks like this:

And, not only does it use military time, but it also has the date and even the day of the week on it! It’s super cool and it will surely be nice to be able to easily know what time it is. I haven’t had a watch since I was ten or so.

My mother told me today that when I was about two, a couple of weeks apart, my elbow fell out of its socket. Both times, it went right back in within a day, but my mother said that I was holding my arm against me and crying. This thought made me so sad, and I so pitied my baby self, that I literally started crying when she told me this. There were actual tears in my eyes. My mother, of course, thought it was all a joke, and suggested that I take Theater class next year rather than Tech Theater. I’d rather not, I think. It seems like I’ve been getting even worse at public speaking these days- in AP Environmental Science today, I was giving a very brief presentation on the Axolotl, and my voice was shaking so much that I physically could NOT speak for a few moments. I didn’t even feel nervous, but my voice box thought otherwise, I guess.

Rachel and I wore our Christmas sweaters today. Hardly anybody even noticed them! Usually, Lizzy and Kaitlyn comment on our “ugly” sweaters, but Kaitlyn wasn’t here today and I guess Lizzy didn’t notice. We had to lure her towards them so she would comment. The sweater was very comfortable, anyway. I really like the fit of it- I think I’ll model a future sweater I knit off of it, except without Christmas fair isle, of course.

Meine Mutti trimmed my bangs a little bit ago. I could hardly see, they were getting so long!

Oh, and Benny really loved the fingerless gloves- he couldn’t stop thanking me!


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