The will of the good

Today I woke up at eight something and at ten something my parents, Lydia, Zinnia, and I went to pick up Rachel. We went first to JoAnn’s (I bought two wondrously bulky yarns in lime and sky blue, as well as a set of size 8 double points and size 9 straight needles). We found shirts that are perfect for our Kirk is a Jerk shirts that we’ve been meaning to make for a long time. They were less than three dollars each!

We next had lunch at Five Guys, then my parents dropped us off at the main attraction- Goodwill! It didn’t have as much of a selection of clothing as usual (probably because on Sundays there is a 50% off all clothing, and people get all the good stuff early on), but we found Christmas sweaters! They are really great, and Rachel and I plan on wearing them tomorrow. I also bought three records, one book (The Best of LIFE, as in LIFE magazine- this was GREAT!), and many, many VHS tapes. I found a super sweet portable radio while I was checking out, and I bought that too. Rachel got two records, one book, and some movies as well. There was this awful guy standing in front of this particular group of records for like twenty minutes, and he was just looking through them to find ones that would be good for resale. It was terrible because I could see a lot of great ones where he was rifling through, and he had at least three Beatles albums held under his arm!

Anyway, then, we walked over to the costume makeup shop, but it turned out that it’s closed on Sundays! We looked in through the windows and it was a real bummer because they had all sorts of awesome stuff inside, like leg warmers! It’s so difficult to find leg warmers!

After that, we walked over to Frederick Coffee Company and bought Odwalla drinks, which were very good. Rachel got strawberry something and I got pink something. I don’t remember the specific names.

That all led up this evening, when I watched Torchwood and finished Benny’s fingerless gloves and rolled the bulky yarn in to balls. It is SO fun to roll this particular yarn into balls!

This weekend went by nice and slowly, I think because I wasn’t working today or yesterday and because I actually went places and did things. I hope future weekends are more like this one.


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