“Oh, little prince!”

Today was full of WIN. 8:12, bright and early, I woke up. At about 9:30 Rachel’s mother picked me up and we went to the high school for set build. It was awesome! There were many excellent moments, like when a guy who looked like Leonard Nimoy came up to Rachel and complimented her on her Star Trek lunchbox, or when the Oaf walked around the place like he owned it, making all of these ridiculous noises every moment. Or, OR OR OR, how about when we found a box full of yarn and Ms. Lennon said we COULD KEEP IT?!? Yes, you read that right! Rachel and I got a whole great box full of vintage yarn, mostly acrylic but with loads of cotton too! And, a bit of angora/lambswool/alpaca blend! There’s yarn from Denmark, and Italy, and some spun in Brazil, and some that is so acrylic and so squeaky that Rachel and I argued over who would have to keep it.

At set build, we mostly sorted through the messes that are the costume rooms, looking for clothing and props appropriate for the play, “Bye, Bye Birdie.” There was so much amazing stuff in there! We found these fantastic argyle sweater vests, and plaid cardigans, and corduroy pants and golf pants, and skirts and dresses and… ugh, I wish that the costume rooms had in fact been a Goodwill and we could have bought all of that wonderful stuff!

After set build, my mother brought us both over to Rachel’s house, where we sorted through all of the yarn (it’s so fun to roll yarn into balls, and we did it for AGES both at set build and at Rachel’s house) and then watched Mrs. Doubtfire. That movie is funnier every time I see it! “Oh, little prince!” and “Why don’t you try on this fancy frock!” (it’s actually “why don’t you try on this LOVELY frock,” but it sounds much better as fancy frock, so we’re still quoting it that way)

AND, also my mother went to an indie yarn festival today and she got me two skeins of yarn, a wondrously soft black/rainbow tweed made from Alpaca fur, and this FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC (I like to repeat words three times for emphasis) 2 ply handspun yarn in an assortment of magical colors. So, it was a great day for yarn!

There are plans to go to Goodwill and JoAnn’s tomorrow (because you can NEVER have too much yarn), and we’ll have a swell old time, pallies that we are! Cheerio, now!


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