“These ideas just come to me. It’s been happening my whole life.”

Somebody said that at work today. He was talking for ages about how he and a few coworkers have this get rich quick scheme, to do some kind of online lottery. It involves a raffle. The rest was hazy. Then this guy said that he has loads of other “great” ideas, that just CAME to him (as if sudden revelations) when he was sitting in his college dorm. Pretty funny. I don’t know if there was something in the air at Safeway or what, but everybody was extra hyper tonight. This one guy talked to me a lot, actually listening to my answers, whereas he’s usually just the opposite. And, there were pranks galore played, and it felt like we were all a great big family or group of friends at a party where people showed up that we didn’t invite (i.e. the customers). It really felt like we were a community, corny as it sounds.

Tomorrow, from nine am to five pm, I will be going to set build for the musical. I’m not sure what that entails, but Rachel will be there (we’re probably carpooling) so it will certainly be FUN FUN FUN!

It’s so weird that today’s Friday. OH, and I was going to have to miss Wednesday Club this week when we already haven’t had it in about a month because of snow and all. BUT, then the aforementioned suddenly talkative coworker asked if I had any shifts I didn’t want, and I said Wednesday, and he said I’LL TAKE IT. So, GREAT GREAT GREAT day. I worked five hours, but it didn’t even seem that long, and I got my paycheck!

ALSO, the cases for my phone came today (in assorted colors… lime green currently) and my new Star Trek t-shirt! It’s actually a whole lot bigger than I thought it would be, but that was the only size they had so my mother is going to use our new (to us, at least) sewing machine to make it smaller. CAN’T WAIT!

I also can’t wait for this summer, because Wallie linked me to a trailer for the animated version of “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,” which comes out this summer! It looks WONDERFUL.

AH, there are so many exciting things in my life right now!!! I am positively BURSTING with excitement! I want to run around the house screaming, I’m so excited!

By the way- I can’t wait for my new watch to arrive in the mail!!!

GOODBYE NOW. I can’t type, I’m too jittery.


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