When I had a penpal a long while ago, Min-Hee from Korea, she said ‘kekeke’ instead of ‘hahaha.’ It was the funniest.

So, guess what? I MADE STAGE CREW! I think that’s the only thing I’ve made after trying out for. Generally I’m not very good at audition sort of things. I was so THRILLED to make it, to see my name on the list. There was a meeting after school today, and we were divided into which part of the stage we will remain on and all, and it felt so REAL, like I was really a PART of something. It was really grand. I just know I’m going to love stage crew.

There was a two-hour delay today, and that coupled with stage crew made it a really really nice day. After the meeting, my father and I went to Target, and got my sister’s new phone. I always look in the tights section when I’m there, because I’m addicted to buying tights, plus Target has some of the best, and there was a pair of sky blue tights! Sky blue is a beautiful color, plus they were only five dollars, so I bought them. Then, they rang up as only $2.50! What a deal! I felt like I was stealing them, at that price.

After Target, we went to pick up pizza for dinner, and I saw a girl working there who is kind of annoying. So, I was avoiding looking at her, but then later somebody called her name, and I realized that it wasn’t the girl I was thinking of. It was her twin! Yeah, everything is alright. Oh, please tell me that you’re alright. Yeah, everything is alriggght… wow, I haven’t listened to that song in AGES! I used to listen to Motion City Soundtrack practically every day.

There’s another two-hour delay tomorrow, and then the weekend already! I’ll be working tomorrow, 4 pm to 9 pm, so me evening is pretty much bust, but then saturday is set build, 9 am to 5 pm, and that will be a blasssssst.

We got registration sheets for next year’s classes today. I can’t WAIT for next year! I actually have two spaces that I don’t know what to fill with, but I’m thinking maybe Tech Theater, and then perhaps the Parenting class? Rachel suggested Tech Theater, which would certainly be fun, and I also think it would be fun to have an electronic baby.

So, apparently they’re calling for loads of snow next week? People have told me 4 feet (!!!), 24-36 inches, and overall just a whole lot more than the first storm, which was already TREMENDOUS. I don’t know how I feel about that…

EDIT: And this is shameless advertisement, but ask me a question: I like them!

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