Playing cabbie to an icebucket.

I’ve not a clue where the title came from- according to Firefox’s spellchecker, icebucket isn’t even a proper word. Still, I’ll take what I can.

My morning was spent babysitting Lydia while my parents took Zinnia to an eye doctor for a lengthy examination. It turns out that she has Brown’s syndrome, which is a very rare eye condition. It’s not severe, though, so that’s good. My mother said that when she got the eye drops put in, she started walking around and kept falling down because her eyes were blurred. She was laughing at herself falling down repeatedly, just like when she spins around and she’s dizzy. It’s the most precious thing ever.

While babysitting Lydia, I was able to get her second fingerless mitten done. I just have to weave in the ends, and then tallyho, I’m finished and can start on something new. I didn’t knit at all yesterday, so naturally I didn’t finish them.

Once my parents got home, at about 1:45 pm, they hurried me over to Kaitlyn’s house. It was Kaitlyn, Rachel, and me there, and we watched the first Lord of the Rings movie. The running commentary of the three of us was HILARIOUS. Watching the movie made me want to read the books, and then watch the rest of the movies. I think I saw the second or the third one about a year ago, but I can hardly recall any of it. After watching the movie, we went upstairs and read ridiculous fanfiction aloud. This is one of our favorite pastimes, mainly because it is probably the time when we laugh the most. It is so much fun, I wish we could do it all the time.

Once I got home, I ate dinner and then worked on what I thought was a mountain load of homework from my AP Environmental Science teacher. It didn’t end up being nearly as bad as I thought, and I managed to finish all four sheets in a little over an hour. The best assignment was a research project about an endangered species of your choice. I chose the Mexican Walking Fish, or Axolotl, and it is probably the cutest creature in history. It looks like a mudkip:

After researching them, I found that they are popular as pets because they really aren’t that difficult to care for. I WANT ONE.


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2 Responses to “Playing cabbie to an icebucket.”

  1. Fantastically Fraught Says:

    Hahaha, I would like one as a pet, too! They’re adorable!

    At least the eye condition with Zinnia wasn’t serious, which is very nice to know.

    I haven’t read the Lord of the Rings books either. I tried to when the first one came out as a movie, because we bought the box set at Costco, but I couldn’t, for it was far past my abilities. I felt similarly when I tried to read Dune in Seventh (I think it was) grade. I’d like to pick them up again. Both series that is.

    Speaking of book series, I remember you told me you enjoyed the movie of The Golden Compass. I know the two are talked about together far too often, but Narnia, I’m curious, have you ever seen the the Prince Caspian movie? I haven’t, and I’ve always wondered whether or not it was any good. I also haven’t seen The Lion… since it came out in theaters.

    This is quite random, but I always think of this whenever I think of your sister or hear her name; have you ever listened to the band Lydia? They’re possibly one of my favorites ever, and I merely stumbled upon them a year or two ago just because I liked the name. I think you might enjoy them.

    • supposedly Says:

      Yeah, I think we got the Lord of the Rings books awhile ago, but every time I picked one up I put it down, for some reason…

      Yes, I did the Golden Compass movie. I enjoyed it so much that about soon after I finished it I knit a hat like the one Lyra wore in the snow, the sort of hood one, you know? I haven’t worn that hat in a while, and I really ought to…

      I haven’t seen the Prince Caspian movie, though I have seen the first one multiple times. My mother was obsessed with the Narnia series when she was a kid, so she always encouraged us to read them. When I was eleven or twelve I read the first four, I think, but not the others.

      I don’t believe I have ever listened to the band Lydia, but I will now certainly do so.

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