Please DON’T sign me up!

Late last night my computer contracted a virus, where a program called ‘Security Tool’ pops up and claims you have many infections and that it can help. I don’t know if it was of the Trojan Horse variety, but it sure sounds like one.

I went to bed terrified my that computer was ruined forever and that I would have to take it to Best Buy and pay $200 to get it fixed. It was totally preventable, too, because I knew that my virus protection software expired a month ago and that we have Kaspersky in our house for me to use once that happened, but I was too lazy to get it. Because of that, my mother angrily tried to fix it this morning, for at least two hours. Every way to get rid of the virus was impossible to do because the virus itself would block anything that could help. Then I went on Yahoo answers (basic internet sites were working, just no programs) and found a long list of answers on how to fix it. There was this one answer that said to do something that sounded quite simple, and I did it. It worked. That answer actually had not been voted the best answer by anybody, but it worked. What I did was, I put my computer in safe mode and then I opened up the folder containing the Security Tool (the virus) and deleted everything inside it. Then I deleted that stuff from the recycling bin, and I restarted my computer. It’s good as new now, and I feel horribly guilty, and I’m also down $40 because in trying to fix it I paid to renew McAfee for a year, which costs $39.99. Still, a small price to pay compared to if it hadn’t been fixed, $200 plus tax. Anyway, now my mother’s all “I told you so!” and “this is what you get for not listening to me” and “by the way, you’ll need to babysit Lydia for more than FIVE HOURS tomorrow, which means you probably can’t go over to Kaitlyn’s house with Rachel to watch Lord of the Rings.” Ugh, my parents have been doing this more and more lately- suddenly telling me I have to babysit, when I have just made plans or are in the middle of making plans. And, I hardly ever go anywhere other than work, so it’s doubly upsetting.

Well, today at work this short kindly looking man bought many pancake related things and when I said, “Have a good evening!” he replied, “Oh, I will, thanks! I’m making pancakes!” and he looked so happy and joyous at the thought of it that I wished we were the same age so I could marry him. And then, when I went into the break room, I saw on the calendar that today is Pancake Day in the UK. I wonder if that man knew? Also, this wrestler I work with came in to get his paycheck, and he had his long blond hair that he usually wears in a bun DOWN, and I could have sworn he was a girl when I first saw him.

Um, so, yeah, we have another snow day tomorrow, and that’s I think the eleventh day we’ve had no school for so far. I think it’s already longer than our winter break was. I miss school, especially since my AP Environmental Science teacher KEEPS sending us more homework that I really don’t have time to do. Mostly, though, I miss it because I haven’t seen my friends in almost two weeks, because none of us are very plan-oriented and we hardly ever make plans to do anything. That’s also why it’s so bad that I might not be able to go to Kaitlyn’s house tomorrow- because WE NEVER DO ANYTHING.

I kind of can’t wait for my McAfee to run out in a year, because then I can use Kaspersky, which is a virus protection program that is RUSSIAN.

Well well well, ta-ta, cheerio, say hullo to the missus.

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