I just realized that tofu is overrated; it’s just a curd to me.

Don’t you just love puns? Well, don’t you?

Today I watched the end of “The Count of Monte Cristo” and it was good, really good. I feel ridiculous saying that every movie I’ve watched lately is good, and makes it onto my list of favorite movies, but it’s true. Maybe I’ve just been picking really good movies to watch as of late.

While watching it, I started Zinnia’s fingerless gloves for the Ravelympics. I made one while watching that, and then the second while watching the first episode of the television show “Torchwood,” which is a spin-off of Doctor Who that I’ve just begun. It’s very good so far. All in all, the fingerless gloves took me less than two hours to make, and Zinnia LOVES them. She wouldn’t take them off. They are so TINY and ADORABLE, as is the name of the pattern for them: Sucky Thumb Mitts. Isn’t that the sweetest? Here’s a picture of the ones I made, out of a yarn whose colorway is called “Pink Lemonade.” Fitting, I think.

I tried to get a picture of them on her, but she kept wiggling and they kept coming out blurry. But, ohmygoodness, she’s so cute! I wish she didn’t ever have to grow up either. I’ll eat her up I love her so.

Um, other than the above I didn’t do much of note. The day went by so quickly, it being a Sunday and Valentine’s Day, of course. Those sorts of days always go by quickly. My mother made heart-shaped popovers for breakfast, which we had with strawberry milk and fruity pebbles (a rare cereal to find in our house, as my mother calls it a “junk cereal”), and for dinner we had Chinese food. Not too shabby, I’d say.

I’m looking forward to knitting and watching more Torchwood tomorrow, though I don’t yet know what I’ll be making.

Gracious, these posts are getting shorter every day! I need to stop being so brief. (ironic, considering I have a huge problem with going into the slightest of details about everything…)


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